The knitwear is out, It’s October!


It is getting to that time of year now where you want to wear big cosy jumpers, you are getting ready to get those scarves out and you want to feel all festive wearing anything knitted. That is why when Femme Luxe  wanted to work with me again, I was delighted. My first post in collaboration with them, “My obsession with Femme Luxe” I think, went down so well and I had so much fun taking pictures in the outfits.

They sent me a handful of knitwear items including dresses and jumpers and once again I was happy with the items. At the moment they have a £5 sale on a pretty good selection of items, some of their pieces I literally need in my life.


Brown Ribbed Knit Button Detail Maxi Dress –


IMG_3775_Facetune_30-09-2018-19-24-09 3

IMG_3780_Facetune_30-09-2018-19-29-08 3

This maxi dress is probably one of my favourite pieces from their knitwear collection that I received. It was such a lovely fit and the perfect maxi dress length. I always find that sometimes maxi dresses are either too long, or too short. This one was perfect and I like the little slit in the front, it just means that my legs can move a bit more freely when walking etc..The colour of the dress is perfect for this time of year, it gives me all of the autumnal vibes and i am here for it. The dress is ribbed which i think is really flattering but also adds more depth to the dress as a whole. I always try to find clothes that are ribbed but it is always a struggle. The buttons running down the front of the dress also add a bit more depth to it, they add more of a casual look to the dress. Buttons on clothes like this is so in style at the moment and has been for a while. You can wear this dress for any time of the year for any occasion really. You can add a denim jacket with it during the summer, or wear a coat with it throughout the more colder months.

Rose Bardot Knitted Mini Dress 


IMG_3789_Facetune_30-09-2018-19-32-11 3

IMG_3796 3

The style of this dress is very simple but unique and different to any dress I have ever owned.  I was interested to see how it would look on me and how i would style it. I would also probably wear this with a denim dress, but i probably wouldn’t really wear this in winter as there is quite alot of skin showing. I love the simplicity of the dress because you can get creative with what type of jewellery you wear. You could wear a really lovely neckless. The dress is really figure hugging, i would definately have to be having a good day to wear this. I love the little thrills on the dress around the cuffs on the sleeves and at the bottom of the dress. This just adds such a cutesy vibe to the dress and it is so cute and would be perfect for an evening meal with your family.

Black Ribbed Knit Button Detail Mini Dress


FullSizeRender 6

FullSizeRender 10.jpg

I am definitely missing out when it comes to black dresses as I literally do not own ANY type of black dress! So this is literally just what I needed. It is quite thick but also quite thin aswell, you may be able to see through it. Which is why I would pair this with an oversized jacket and would wear a black underwear just to be safe. The dress is a mini dress that explains the length. Although, it is very short therefore i don’t think i would ever wear this as a dress unless i took it on holiday and wore it as like a throw over or something. I would probably wear this with a skirt or some shorts that would look cute, maybe you could wear some knee high boots! The dress has a high back which i like because you expect your back to be showing, I like high backed dresses.

Burgundy Multicolour ZigZag Cropped Knit Jumper


IMG_3814_Facetune_30-09-2018-19-39-00 3

IMG_3822_Facetune_30-09-2018-19-40-23 3

IMG_3824 3

The pattern and colours on this crop jumper is different to anything I own. I love the combination of colours as they work really well together. The style is like chevrons running around the whole of the jumper and it is so cool. It is so autumnal and perfect for this time of year. The jumper is good quality and it feels so comfy to wear. The sleeves become wide as you go down the arm and i love this style on a cropped jumper, i already have many cropped jumpers with this style and i love them. As it is a cropped jumper i would wear this with something high waisted because it is very cropped. I love cropped jumpers because sometimes you want to be cosy and snug, but the crop just adds something different to it.

Nude Off Shoulder Knitted Jumper


IMG_3828_Facetune_30-09-2018-19-41-20 3

IMG_3842_Facetune_30-09-2018-19-41-52 3

This is also one of my favourite things that I received. Although it says nude i would definitely say that it is like a pastel baby pink and i don’t own alot of this colour. It is so super comfy and just such an easy to throw on jumper. It is so baggy and you feel so comfortable in it, you will want to wear it everyday! It is the sort of jumper that you can wear with anything and for anything because of the style. I love the whole off the shoulder vibe because you just look so confident and look as if you have your life together. I dont really normally like off of the shoulder items because i dont like my shoulders, but this jumper makes me very happy and makes me feel confident. This jumper isnt too thick, but is somewhere inbetween. You could easily wear a jacket on top of this in the winter and you wouldn’t be sweating.

What is your favourite item of clothing? ARE YOU HAPPY IT IS OCTOBER?!

Sophia xo

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