I am such a lipstick lover. I love every type of lipstick. I was very kindly sent a VoxBox from Influenster, (which if you don’t know what it is click here and watch my Youtube video on it, I review another Rimmel collection and talk about how the app works etc..) They very kindly sent me Rimmel’s new launch and of lipsticks! They have a new satin liquid lipstick!!! AHHH!! If you know me then you know that their Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick is one of my favourite liquid lipsticks, in the shade Be My Baby, it is my ultimate nude shade! So when Influenster said they were sending me a whole box of their new formula, TOO EXCITED!!

They sent me 8 of their newest lipsticks and honestly I am already blown away with them! So they are a satin liquid lipstick, they dry like a liquid lipstick but have the feel of a gloss. Therefore, if you drink or eat then it will transfer BUT! it lasts for such a long time.  I know that they have more shades than the 8 that they sent me, and all of them are stunning!!

I am going to be discussing everything… the packaging, the formula, the colours, the price, where to get them from and is it worth your dollar?!


S H A D E  N A M E S

Left to right-










I think the names are kind of cool. I really like the one called Scrunchie just because it sort of goes with this time of year, it is summer and the sun is out. I love a good Scrunchie in my hair! love it!




The colours are absolutely stunning! They all look very opaque and really colourful. I love the different tones of pink/purple. There are two nudes and a grey and the rest of the colours are pretty fun. I feel like all of these colours will look good for certain occasions, the grey one is certainly screaming Halloween to me. You can see from the swatches that they are very glossy, these make me super happy.




The packaging is exactly the same as their stay matte lip quick lipsticks. I have always liked the packaging, it is pretty standard from Rimmel. They are lightweight and are easy to keep in your bag to re apply if needed.

W H E N & W H E R E ?

You can get these from Superdrug, and because this post is so over due they are most definitely in stores already.

I have been wearing these for a while now and I can honestly say I love them. I love the new formulation and how long-lasting they are. They have the longevity of a matte lipstick but appear satin. I have noticed that once the satin of the lipgloss starts to wear off, it just starts to look like a matte lipstick. I have been really enjoying wearing these as they are perfect for this time of year. LOVE THEM! I have been wearing the shades shoulder pads and scrunchie the most, they are gorgeous. I would recommend these lippies if you are a gloss lover, but also you love a gloss that lasts a good amount of time!

What colour stands out to you? do you have any of these?

Sophia xo

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My obsession with Femme Luxe


Discovering new fashion websites is one of my favourite things when it comes to fashion as a whole. I love that each fashion brand has their own styles and different price points. I get excited to see the fit of new clothes, the quality and how I style them.

Today’s post is in collaboration with Femme Luxe , as they very kindly sent me* some of their beautiful clothes. They are a UK brand that have multiple items of clothing on their website. All of the clothes on their website are very ‘instagramable’ and I have seen a lot of their clothes already online. At the moment they currently have an 85% off sale, AN 85% SALE!… crazy!

– White Vogue Printed Crop Top –




I love this little cropped tee, it is the sort of tee that you will see all of the bloggers wearing on Instagram. It is the perfect cropped length, not too high where it is just under your boobs, but not too low where it couldnt really be called a crop top. The fit was very good, actually perfect. It wasn’t too tight, but wasn’t too lose, so somewhere in-between which makes me happy. The top itself is quite thin, but I prefer this to a super tight top as I like a bit of stretch to it. I like that it is white, but I do believe that you can also get it in black. This top will go with a lot of clothing, so I think it will be very easy to wear on a day to day basis.

– Striped Floral Wide Leg Trousers –




I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE TROUSERS. I wore these to my friends BBQ the other week, I had so many compliments about these trousers. I am in love with the print, it is very out there but I love that they bring so much to an outfit. I have styled it with a plan black crop top, because I didn’t want to take away attention from the trousers. They are quite thin, but are strechy which I like. No one wants to wear these types of trousers and be feeling like they can’t move in them. These trousers also came with a belt, but i prefered to wear them without it They are quite long in length which meant that i had roll them up at the waist, but this obviously depends on how tall you are. I am in love with these,  I think they are such a unique style of trouser. I also love love love the wide legs, it just adds something different to the whole outfit.

– Colour Contrast Belted Jumpsuit – 



When I saw this outfit on their website, I knew that I needed it. The print is such a dream, it is very unique but so stunning to look at. I wanted to get this outfit because it is out of my comfort zone and I am so glad that I did, it is gorgeous. The fit across my whole body is perfect. It is stretchy across the stomach area, the length is perfect, a great fit around the shoulders. The only place it didn’t fit me that well was around the chest, it was a bit too big for my chest area. The quality of this piece was really thick and felt really luxurious. It also came with a belt which was a cute little touch. It is such a sophisticated outfit, I really love it. I felt so confident and gorgeous in it.

– Dusky Pink Crop Top and Trousers Co-Ord Set –



This is the type of outfit that I would normally wear if I was going out clubbing, or out for a couple of drinks. The co ord set came in a million different colours such as purple, black and even with a Leopard print which I thought was incredible as they literally have a couple / print for everyone. Pink is my favourite colour and I always feel comfortable wearing it so this was the colour that I choose it in. I love that you can wear it for an occasion, but you can also play it down to make it look more casual. The quality once again was stretchy and thin and it is the sort of colour where you will have to find the right type of underwear, so it doesn’t show through the bottoms. The length of the trousers were quite long and I had to roll it up at the waist, this didn’t really bother me at all. The top was a good fit, however, it was very much right under my arm pit. I think this would have looked gorgeous in the black also, so sophisticated.

– Black with White Stripe Off Shoulder Loungewear Set –

FullSizeRender 3


FullSizeRender 2

Cosy clothes are my thing. I feel so comfortable and at ease when I am wearing them. They remind me of winter and just being cosy with a nice cup of tea. This is such a cute loungewear set. They had three over colours of these sets online, I definitely was more drawn to this colour set. The quality of it is really lovely, it feels great quality. The length of the legs were perfect, they weren’t too long and weren’t too short. The jumper is the perfect cropped length, I liked to pull my trousers up a little higher so they were high waisted. This loungewear set is supposed to be off the shoulder, but the hole didn’t seem to be big enough to be off of the shoulder. This whole set is literally so comfortable and I know I will be living in this throughout the winter.

I would 100% recommend this brand to anyone. They have such stunning clothes on their website, I wanted everything. Their products were good quality and I know I will be buying some pieces from there.

Have you ever shopped on this site before? What is your favourite outfit from the post?

Sophia xo

If you would like to shop any on this site, then feel free to use my affiliate link – click here and help a girl out 

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all well.

If you have been following my blog for a while then you will know that safe driving is so important to me. I have done previous posts talking about why driving safely in certain weather conditions is so important. For today’s post I am going to be talking about how to know when your tyres need changing and also what tyres are perfect for your car. This post is in collaboration with Point S *

If your tyres aren’t in the best condition, then this can lead to accidents on the road. Which is why getting them checked by a professional at a garage is the best thing for you to do. Definitely check them yourselves, but a professional is the best person to see. Local  centres make it easy for you to get the correct tyres that you need for your car and it will save you a lot of time.

Tyres are so important. Without them your car literally wouldn’t move. They are on the outside of the car so they have direct contact with the floor, they need to be looked after. They are probably the most neglected part of our cars as we normally focus on if the car is cleaned and if it sounds ok when we are driving it. I recently went to get my car checked over and it turns out that one of my tires was really bad, it was cracked and bald and I needed a new one. I would never have known that my tire was damaged. Therefore, i started to learn when to know that my tryres need changing.



 W H E N  D O  Y O U R  T Y R E S  N E E D  C H A N G I N G?

( some things that I have learnt )

– Make sure the tread depth is 1.5 across the width of the tyre. This is actually a legal requirement, therefore, they need to be replaced before the list is reached.

– Maintaining the correct inflation pressure. Make sure they are inflated properly and that you don’t have a flat tyre because you won’t be able to drive properly and will probably get pulled over. The best time to check is when your tyres are cold.

– If there are cracks or bulges in the side of the tyre. Cracked tyres will normally appear if the tyres are old and may need changing just because their time has come to be changed.

– Make sure that your tyres aren’t bald. This means that your tyres will have no grip which is bad as all roads have different surfaces and you need tyres that are suitable for all weather conditions. If your tyres look really smooth and there isn’t any tread depth, then you need to get them changed. For changing tyres safely you can seek professional help at Point S, where you can choose and buy tyres in areas like Taunton and others.




W H A T  H A P P E N S  I F  Y O U  I G N O R E  Y O U R  T Y R E S  H E A L T H?

– You won’t ever be sure as to how to actually check them properly and if a problem does come up you won’t know how to solve it.
– This could cause you to have an accident and you might not even know that your tyres were what caused it.
– The quality of your tyres might suffer if you don’t know how to look after them.
– Your tyres might be exposed to potential problems in the future.

Do you know how to check your tyres? what is one thing that you took away from this post?

Sophia xo

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Do you ever just sit there and aimlessly scroll through Instagram? you stumble upon a gorgeous feed and after looking at their pictures for a while, you start to feel abit crap because your feed isn’t as pretty as theirs?


Do you ever see someone who may share the same hobby or career as you, and you feel like they are accomplishing so much more than you. It feels like they are doing it better?


Do you compare how you physically look with other people?

YES.. we all have that feeling sometimes of comparing ourselves to others and social media is the worst for it.

In all aspects of life, you find that you compare yourself to other people. You see someone who appears to have a better life, a better job, is better looking, gets a better mark on an essay than you or just seems to be always having the time of their lives.  Comparing yourself to others is the quickest way to unhappiness.


For me personally, being online and creating content is such a big hobby of mine, but also part of my job. It is so hard to not compare yourself to other people who are doing the same as me. In a way, it sort of feels like there is pressure there to be as good as other people. I will sit there on my phone and just aimlessly scroll through Instagram and the comparing with hit me. I am looking at everything.. the way they might have filtered their pictures, the quality of the pictures, their consistency, their likes, their followers, the brands they are working with and the events that they go to. I don’t even mean to do it, it just happens. Not all the time, but sometimes. Does anyone else do the same? I find myself questioning things..why wasn’t I invited to these events? why can’t I edit my pictures like that? how comes they have so many followers and I can barely get any? It is hard not to compare yourself when there is so much talent and all you want to do is show what you have to offer.

I have learnt that comparing yourself is no good. WHY IS THAT? > because everyone has different journeys. Everyone has their own path in life. You only compare yourself because you are so passionate, that you feel like you deserve to be where they may appear to be. Some people may seem to be ‘ahead’ of you right now, but that is because it may be their time to shine, or because that is the cards that they have been dealt for this moment in time. That doesn’t mean to say that you won’t get your time and that you are incapable of doing the things that you want to do, that’s not the case. Your time will come, keep working hard, living life and doing the best at the things you love. Don’t knock yourself down just because you see someone else doing well. Everyone is different, being different makes us all who we are. If we were all the same, life would be boring. Focus on yourself and what you are doing, don’t waste time focusing on other people and the stuff they are doing. Stay in your own lane and make things happen for you. Don’t aimlessly scroll through social media, because that is the worst and it can instantly change your mood within seconds. Sometimes, I get so fed up of social media and the expectations and pressures that I set myself. I just have a break for a day. Try and make the comparison that you are making into inspiration, that cuts out any of the envy that you may be feeling. < that is what I think when I start to compare myself.

What are your thoughts on comparing yourself to others?

Sophia xo

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University taught me..


Hey everyone,

AHHH I AM FINISHING MY UNIVERSITY DEGREE WITH A 2:1! ( just needed to add that into this post before starting – I am one happy girl! 🙂 )

I finished university at the end of April and I honestly couldn’t be happier that I have finished. I was studying Drama and Theatre at the University of Kent. Towards the end of my degree, it didn’t really seem like fun anymore it was more about just putting in the work,  this came with a lot of stress.

So, what has university taught me?



In life, I am not going to like/get on with everyone. Also people might feel the same way about me. These types of people I just tried to distance myself from, because that is what I think is best to do. It is so hard because you are forced to be surrounded by so many different types of people, and you just have to deal with it.


It is ok to be different from everyone else. At university, you find yourself, become an adult and learn a lot of new things about yourself. If you are really loud and quirky then that is ok and if you are really quiet and don’t talk then that is also ok. You shouldn’t be afraid to be you, because you are surrounded by people who might be different to you. You shouldn’t feel forced to do something that you don’t want to do, just be you. For example, I travelled to my uni every single day and no one really understood that as most people lived at uni.


University has taught me that I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE BLOODY CRAPPY POINTLESS GROUP WORK! I never want to work in a group again in my whole entire life, I am becoming self-employed and am going to hibernate away from the other individuals  in this world.



If I don’t want to do something, then I don’t have to. You are paying 9 THOUSAND A YEAR to study at university, therefore, if you don’t want to attend a lecture or seminar then you don’t have to. Yes, you will be responsible for the consequences (if there is any), but, if you aren’t feeling up to it then don’t go. I always made sure that I didn’t pressure myself to go, especially because university really triggered my anxiety, this made it easier for me.


3 years is a long time. This means that you will change over the time. I think I fell out of love with my course, also gaining a new love for blogging and doing youtube. when I first went to uni I felt really drama ready, and so prepared for the course and now that I have finished I couldn’t be happier. It is ok to find something new that you love, or even fall out of love with your course because you are still learning and growing as a person. I absolutely hated some of the modules on my course, as most of them were pointless, but three years is such a long time to study one subject!



University has taught me that some friendships are (as bad as it sounds) there to pass the time. I know full well I am honestly leaving uni with having made only a couple of really good friends, even though I would love to be friends with everybody, (being realistic here) that probably won’t happen. Those people were there for me at that time in my life, which isn’t a bad thing.



University definitely isn’t like what people think it is like. My experience was obviously different to other people’s because I didn’t live on campus. But if you think about the overall stereotype about university, literally 90% of it isn’t true. When I first started university I thought that you made lots of new friends from lots of different subjects, you went out and got drunk all the time and had the best time of your life. But literally, people only go out like once a month and then they end up spending all of their money. You don’t really make friends with people from lots of different subjects, unless you are apart of a society. Lastly, it is one of the most stressful things I have ever done in my life and made my anxiety soooo made.

Have you been to university, if so, what have you learnt?

psssst, I uploaded a “HOW TO SURVIVE UNIVERSITY” video click here to watch it!

Sophia xo

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Golden Boot event


Hello everybody, I hope you are all had a lovely day!

Today I have a great post and have been so excited to share it with you all. Last week on the 24th May, I was SO kindly invited to Golden Boot event and this was held at the store in Maidstone. I was so excited to be going to this event because I love bags and shoes and couldn’t wait to see their new range.

The way the event was set out was really good. They had live music and there was food being served all evening. It started off with canopies and then sweet treats (THEY WERE AMAZING) Frederic Bistro who baked all of these, (I believe) did such an amazing job! There was also a cocktail bar there, but as I was driving I HAD A LOVELY MOCKTAIL instead. You walked around the event and basically could shop the shop after it had closed. I didn’t get anything because, I am very indecisive and I didn’t know what sort of thing I was after. After being at the event for over an hour I decided to leave and was handed a massive goodie bag!







These heels were super cute!
LOVED all three of these!
These were some of my favourite shoes there! I love all three colours
Oh yea, they also had a massive piano there which was kind of cool

They had shoes for everyone. For ladies, For kids, girls and boys, for babies! and for men, which is so good! I loved looking at all of the different kinds of shoes for everyone because they had ever shoe you could think of.




These were the little dessert bits that were handed out.






THE CUTEST!, I absolutely loved these!

The store itself was really MASSIVE! it was like three houses combined together!, I love the way that the store was sectioned, as it was done according to who the shoes were for So there was a massive room just for kids shoes and then another room just for mens shoes. They had such a big  variety of shoes, never have I ever seen so many shoes and wallets and bags in my life! The staff who were working that evening were very helpful and so kind, I loved meeting them.


After the event I then left with a giant goodie bag and I wanted to share a couple of bits with you all. There was such a generous amount inside the goodie bag, I was so surprised to see what I had been gifted with. Inside the goodie bag was some coin purses, a pen, a notebook, food, tote bags and literally so much more.




THE CUTEST TOTE BAG YOU EVER DID SEE! don’t you just love it?


If you know me, then you will know that I absolutely loved Macaroons, I could not think of anything better. So when I saw that there were 4 massive ones, I was so ecstatic. (one of them was really crushed, unfortunately it wasn’t photo worthy LOL)

Thank you so much to the Golden Boot in Maidstone for having me last week, I had such a great time and it was a fabulous event! Well done on your new collection, everything is so lovely!

Is there anything here you like the look of?

Sophia xo

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RUSH salon experience


Hello everyone and welcome back to another post. I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED UNIVERSITY, which means that I now have more time for blogging and youtube. This makes me very happy. It also means that I have a lot more time to go to events, which is something that I love doing and knew that I wanted to do more of in 2018.

RUSH hairdressers in Maidstone kindly contacted me and asked me if I would like to pop into the store to have something done, whether this be a blow dry or a cut. I decided to have my hair cut as I really needed it cut. I never really go into hairdressers to get my hair done just because I much rather have it done in my own home. My current hairdresser, is brillant and she knows how to get my hair perfect. Therefore, I was really excited to go into store as i cant really remember the last time that I actually went to a proper hairdressers, but also because i wanted to review everything about it.





I N T E R I O R S  &  E X T E R I O R S

The first thing I noticed about the store was how modern and beautiful it was. I loved, LOVED, the outside look of the shop. I love the dark colour of it, contrasted with all of the colour from the products in the windows. I think it looks so sleek and sophisticated. Inside was just as beautiful, it was a lovely grey colour and had lovely marble sides with massive mirrors. It looked so fresh, clean and just so professional! i loved that. Now, I know that it might sound a bit weird me saying that a hairdressers looked stunning, but honestly, the interiors of this hairdressers was to die for. It was so modern and very pleasing to look at.




As soon as I walked through the doors of the hairdressers, the staff welcomed me very nicely. All of the members of staff were very warming and lovely to be around. You could tell that they loved their job and genuinely enjoyed working, there which I think is lovely and so important. After being asked if I would like a drink, I opted for a glass of water. Jamie, who was going to be cutting my hair, brought out a little tray with a glass of water and a couple of Lindt chocolates, which are so YUMMY! I really liked this little touch,

I had my hair washed, cut, blow dried and straightened and I think I even had a cheeky head massage, by a man called Jamie. He was honestly so friendly and fun to be around. He cut my hair perfectly and styled it how i love my own hair to be styled. He gave me some tips aswell which i found very helpful, just about how to maintain my colour hair and what products my hair would benefit from using.



Jamie, told me about this range that they sell at RUSH. It is called Kerastase and I believe he used some of these products on my hair. I remember that they smelt absolutely amazing and I kept saying to him “oh my god, that smells so lovely”. The products that i looked at were the travel mini’s of thse products in which came in a little bag. The great thing about these were that they were the perfect limit for you to take on planes,  which is so good. I am going on holiday so soon and I am thinking about picking one of these packs up. I also looked at the normal sized products and the hairmask caught my eye quite abit. The smell of these products had such a lovely smell to them, that i could literally smell them for days! NO JOKE!


RUSH did not ask me to do a post on this event, but I honestly loved the service and the whole experience that i wanted to create a post. I also wanted to thank all of the people at RUSH who made my experience really amazing and thank you to Jamie once again for helping a girl out with her hair! Thanks to RUSH for having me, your Maidstone store really is beautiful.


THERE IS CURRENTLY A 50% OFF NEW CLIENT DISCOUNT AVAILABLE! if you are looking for a new place to go to get your hair done < THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU. Just book online and use their code ‘RUSH50’ , you will be saving a lot of money! 


The Maidstone store is located – 

49 Week Street,
Fremlin walk,
ME14 1QT


Do you go to a hair salon to get your hair done, or do you prefer having it done at home?

Sophia xo

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If you live in the UK then you know that when it snows, everyone goes crazy! me included! therefore, I am dedicating a whole blog post to todays snow today, showing you guys all of the amazing pictures that we got today while out in the snow!

The snow was very bad today, make sure you are all staying safe please!


IMG_7735 3





IMG_7701 3









IMG_7830 2




IMG_7749 3

Thank you to everyone who helped me take these pictures today. This is one of my favourite posts ever!

What did you get up to today in the snow?!

Sophia xo

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Let’s talk friendships- 


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Doing social media & blogging my way..


You know what I have realised.. it is better to do things how you want to and not because it is a ‘trend’ or you think it is what you should be doing. Staying true to yourself is what is  important, yes flat lays are stunning and having highlights on your Instagram page is cool but if it’s not you, then that’s ok.

At the moment I don’t know why but I feel this big pressure, to get big numbers on social media and to take pictures that don’t necessarily fit my style. As I scroll through my Instagram, my Twitter  and my Youtube I find myself constantly comparing my work and follower count to others. I feel like all of my social media is very much me, what you see is me and therefore I don’t wish to change it at all, but it is jus the pressures of socal media..Here are a few things I want to get off my chest:

I love a good flat lay don’t get me wrong, but not every day is flat lay day. Sometimes I want a normal / natural picture that isn’t as set up as flat lay I DON’T WANT my Instagram to be full with flat lay pictures because that isn’t my style. I blog about a lot of different topics and I feel like in a way my Instagram reflects that. I want one minute someone to be looking at a picture of mascara and then the next to be looking at popcorn, what I am trying to say is that yes ok, the photography is going to always be on point 😉 but I DONT WANT A THEME TO MY INSTAGRAM. Maybe, around certain times of year such as Christmas, New Years and even now because of Valentines day but in general I don’t want to “have” to stick to a theme because it makes it look professional or more of a blogger or whatever. My Instagram is my Instagram and I will post what I want to and when. To me, having a really polished, themed flat layer Instagram isn’t me, and I doubt it is really anyone.

“NUMBERS DON’T MEAN ANYTHING IF YOU ARE A SHIT PERSON”  is what I tweeted the other day, because I see so many people online that have a large following and they abuse that. Numbers don’t matter at all, if you love what you are doing and what you are putting out there then why should It matter? I guess it just naturally does because everyone wants to have a bigger following and it is what is concerned “better” by society at the moment. I have a great following across all of my social media and I am very grateful for that. I am just trying to focus on enjoying everything I am putting out there rather than stressing if one person unfollows me ( let’s face it, there is always going to be that one little shit that will unfollow you when you get to a new milestone )

I only want to do things that suit me, and if that makes me seem like less “blogger” because I don’t have a perfect themed Instagram and don’t have outfit pictures, here there and everywhere, then fair enough. I don’t want to follow what is expected of society. Everyone blogger is different, every blogger has their own styles and every blogger has their own journey. DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF.

What are your thoughts on this? Can you agree? ( would love to hear your thoughts xo )


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Hey guys!! I am sure that you can see by the title that I have started my own Youtube Channel!! AHHH (IMAGINE ME SCREAMING AND BEING REALLY EXCITED & HAPPY & SPEECHLESS & TRYING TO CATCH MY BREATH!) that was so over exaggerated lol..

Omg you guys, I have literally decided to take the plunge and start my young Youtube channel. I want to explain to all my readers on here, why I decided to start it and also what videos I will be posting.

Why have I decided to create my own Youtube Channel?

I have been wanting to do Youtube for such a long time now and not only that but it has been highly requested from a lot of people. I get people saying to me, you would be so good on Youtube and I thought you know what, I could see myself doing it. I have had such a crazy year with my blog, I have worked with a lot of brands, done a lot of paid ad’s/sponsored collaborations and I have made amazing relationships with brands, and also people. I never expected my blog to blow up as much as it did, I am at 800+ followers on here, YOU KIDDING ME?! WHAT! THAT’S CRAZY!

Every single night, I will watch Youtube whether that be for 2 hours ( hardly ever ) or 5 hours ( that’s more like it ) I will sit there and just binge watch on Youtube. I stayed up till 5 in the morning the other day watching Youtube, that’s not good but oh well haha. I watch Youtubers creating content and I’m sitting there like “I want to create fun content too” I love being able to create whatever I want, whenever I want. I want to be able to share more of me, and entertain others. I am such a bubbly, social person and I really like the idea of someone watching my channel just to escape from any problems they may be facing.

In my first video that I uploaded yesterday it is a get to know me, get ready with me, where I talk about a couple of things about myself and also get ready for a night out. in the video I mentioned about YouTube being my fave thing to do when I have free time and also that youtube has helped me through a lot. I honestly believe that youtube, has helped me through so many things in the past 4/5 years and I have been able to take time out of my day to focus on someone else’s lives even for a couple of minutes. It has helped me through heartbreak, stressful times, when I have felt anxious, when I have lost someone I love, when I have fallen out with one of my friends.. ANYTHING! I love that someone who might be going through a hard time, can watch a video of mine and just chill out for a couple of minutes.


What sort of videos will I be posting?

Ok so I am going to be posting basically everything that I post on my blog. I am going to be posting videos related to anything Beauty, so product reviews, makeup tutorials YOU KNOW THE VIDEOS THAT YOU WATCH AND THEY MAKE YOU WANT TO GO OUT AND BUY MAKEUP. Baking, YES! I am going to be doing baking videos, I get so many comments about my baking and people and I thought that this would be great for my channel. To upload different videos to the normal Beauty ones. Lifestyle, everything relating to lifestyle whether this be tips and tricks for certain things and just life in general. Now travel, this one is more likely going to just stay in my blog UNTIL/UNLESS I decide that I want to start vlogging (mostly likely, because I love documenting and talking)

I uploaded my first Youtube video yesterday and this is what I want to show you >>

fullsizeoutput_30c7 this is a screen shot from my first video. 429 VIEWS IN 22 HOURS! That is absolutely crazy!!!!

All of my blogging pals, if you are reading this.. please do a girl a favour and go over and show my YouTube channel some love. SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE SOME LOVE. I would appreciate it so much, words can’t explain how much I want people to love and enjoy watching my videos. It would mean the world to me. 

Lastly, I want to say thank you so much to all of my friends online and offline that continue to support me every single day. To all of my blogger friends online, you all really are great so thank you so much for always supporting what I love, whether this be liking a blog post, commenting, or even sharing. THANK YOU XO

Don’t worry, my blog isn’t going any where I will be posting on here still!

If you have a Youtube Channel please please please leave it in the comments below, I will subscribe and show your channel some love. 


Sophia xo

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