The MUST have £3.75 highlighter


I love discovering new makeup. I love discovering new makeup that is super affordable and is an absolute steal. I NEEDED to create this post for everyone because I want everyone to know about this highlighter. It is the Wet N’ Wild Precious Petals Highlighting Powder and I paid £3.75 for it! £3.75! The highlighter does come in two shades, this one and more of a silvery shade. I have already created a whole video of me reviewing Wet and Wild makeup so click here to watch that. But in the video, I was so amazed by this highlighter that I needed to create a post on it.


The packaging of this is pretty standard to be honest. It would have been better if it came with a mirror, but considering it is drug store and you are paying a silly amount for it you can’t really expect a mirror. The pan size of the highlighter is so big, honestly it will last your whole life. It has 5.4g of product. On the actual highlighter there is a flower stamp which I thought was quite cute and it just added something extra to it.

D U P E ?

If you love Jeffree Star highlighters, especially the one in the shade Peach Goddess then I think I have found a dupe for you. It looks exactly the same on the face as the Jeffree star one does, it is the exact same colour and longevity. The only thing that is different is the creamy consistency of them.


W H Y  I  L O V E  I T !

I want to share what is amazing about this product, why it has brought me so much joy and why I am LITERALLY OBSESSED with it…

It is so creamy – it is smooth and is the perfect creamyness ( is that even a word? I don’t think soo..)

It is buildable. –  You can apply a little bit for a more subtle glow, or you can apply lots for an amazing blinding glow.

SO AFFORDABLE. £3.75 guys! for an amazing highlighter, that is incredible.

The packaging means that everything is compact and tidy. It is lightweight and easy to carry around with you. I actually think the packaging is ok, it doesn’t get dirty at all.

It is cruelty free!

It blends amazingly well

The shade is stunning. I am definitely more of a rose gold highlighter kinda girl because I don’t really tend to wear blush that much so wearing a rose gold highlighter sort of adds a pinky tone to my face.

It doesnt exaggerate pours, or if you have a spot on your cheek bone it doesnt bring more attention to it.

It is easy to work with and it isnt messy. Sometimes you get highlighters that are sooo creamy that they are hard to work with. NOPE NOT THIS ONE!

This highlighter is a staple in my makeup routine. This will go down well for one of someones birthday or christmas presents. SO SO SO GOOD!

That being said, now you have to buy this highlighter and I want to know your thoughts on it. Or if you already have one of their highlighters, what are your thoughts? Do you love it as much as me?

Sophia xo

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I am such a lipstick lover. I love every type of lipstick. I was very kindly sent a VoxBox from Influenster, (which if you don’t know what it is click here and watch my Youtube video on it, I review another Rimmel collection and talk about how the app works etc..) They very kindly sent me Rimmel’s new launch and of lipsticks! They have a new satin liquid lipstick!!! AHHH!! If you know me then you know that their Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick is one of my favourite liquid lipsticks, in the shade Be My Baby, it is my ultimate nude shade! So when Influenster said they were sending me a whole box of their new formula, TOO EXCITED!!

They sent me 8 of their newest lipsticks and honestly I am already blown away with them! So they are a satin liquid lipstick, they dry like a liquid lipstick but have the feel of a gloss. Therefore, if you drink or eat then it will transfer BUT! it lasts for such a long time.  I know that they have more shades than the 8 that they sent me, and all of them are stunning!!

I am going to be discussing everything… the packaging, the formula, the colours, the price, where to get them from and is it worth your dollar?!


S H A D E  N A M E S

Left to right-










I think the names are kind of cool. I really like the one called Scrunchie just because it sort of goes with this time of year, it is summer and the sun is out. I love a good Scrunchie in my hair! love it!




The colours are absolutely stunning! They all look very opaque and really colourful. I love the different tones of pink/purple. There are two nudes and a grey and the rest of the colours are pretty fun. I feel like all of these colours will look good for certain occasions, the grey one is certainly screaming Halloween to me. You can see from the swatches that they are very glossy, these make me super happy.




The packaging is exactly the same as their stay matte lip quick lipsticks. I have always liked the packaging, it is pretty standard from Rimmel. They are lightweight and are easy to keep in your bag to re apply if needed.

W H E N & W H E R E ?

You can get these from Superdrug, and because this post is so over due they are most definitely in stores already.

I have been wearing these for a while now and I can honestly say I love them. I love the new formulation and how long-lasting they are. They have the longevity of a matte lipstick but appear satin. I have noticed that once the satin of the lipgloss starts to wear off, it just starts to look like a matte lipstick. I have been really enjoying wearing these as they are perfect for this time of year. LOVE THEM! I have been wearing the shades shoulder pads and scrunchie the most, they are gorgeous. I would recommend these lippies if you are a gloss lover, but also you love a gloss that lasts a good amount of time!

What colour stands out to you? do you have any of these?

Sophia xo

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High & Low end Valentine’s gift guide


Hey guys!! I hope you are all doing well.

In today’s post I want to share with you some of my ideas for high end and low end Valentine’s day presents that you can get your partner. It is nice to sometimes have a splurge and buy something that is a bit more expensive, but I also think that cheaper bits make all the difference. I have put them into sections, that suit me best personally, but obviously you can buy anyone any of these presents.

H I G H   E N D   F O R   H I M

Sterling Silver Nutella Jar

Burberry Card Holder

Harvey Nichols Champagne & Chambord

Timberland Boots

Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette

Triple Supercar Drive

Ted Baker Shoeshine Kit

H I G H   E N D  F O R  H E R 

Luxury Silver Theatre Ticket Keyring

Gucci bag

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick Collection

Timberland Boots

Urban Decay Naked 1,2 & 3 Palettes


GUCCI Bloom set

L O W   E N D   F O R   H I M

Gentlemen’s Hardware Waterproof Notebook

Engraved Lighter

My Scratch Map 

Poo Head Fling Game

Personalised Par Tee Golf Mug

Message in a Bottle

Black Leather Wallet

L O W  E N D  F O R  H E R 

Caramel Eyeshadow Palette Zoeva

Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Tommy Girl

Personalised Candles

Personalised Love Tiles Poster

Lush In Your Dreams Gift Set

Bout Avenue Pj’s

I have collaboarted with Inkerman London on this post*

Do you like any of these??

Sophia xo

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Why eyewake has become a necessity in my skincare routine


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proto-col skincare review


This blog post is well over due, I have been so busy I haven’t had time! there definitely needs to be more hours in the day. Who agrees?

Thank you so much, proto-col for sending me* these products. I AM OBSESSED. I have been using these every single day since I received them. I love how all of them do different things and you can really tell what each of them does.

Intense hydration night cream – £19.97 (on special)

Collagen facial serum – £39.95

Baked mineral colour correct – £27.95

proto-col as a brand- 

I had never heard of this brand before, they definitely deserve some more recognition.

They not only have products for the face, but also products to help you recover after working out (such as supplements etc..) The brand has been supplying celebrities, professional athletes and members of the public for 15 years! (that is crazy!!)

The price: 

I can see why these are pretty pricey because they are really good products. If you know that they work then they are definitely worth the money.



I love this pink colour. The baked colour corrector has 9g of product inside which isn’t too bad.



As it is a colour corrector you can see all of the different colours inside. All of the colours come together in order to make your face look as natural as possible, so to blend everything out nicely and make it look flawless. It is quite chalky, which I don’t particularly mind, but once you give your brush a swirl there is some fall out. I use it all over my face after my foundation, just to make everything blend well and cover up anything that needs covering up. I have really been liking using this because I like that it calms down all of my uneven skin tones on my face, which does bug me a lot. I do have quite a naturally red face so I do try to use a lot of this.

I like that the outside packaging of the product is like a mirror because I found this really useful. Also I like the shape of the product, it is like a dome shape. I do sometimes find it hard to open, so I have to sometimes use my teeth.

Paraben free

Suitable for all skin types


The packaging for both the box packaging and the product packaging is really similar to the night moisturiser. The packaging of the bottle is really different to anything I have ever used before.


I use this before I used the night moisturiser and they work really well together. This product has a really cool lid, you twist the top silver bit to the side and the nozzle from inside pops up. You do have to hold the silver bit otherwise it will scroll back down. The bottle is plastic, even though at first I did think it was glass. There is all of the essential writing on the face of the bottle and half of the bottle has a ‘frosted glass’ look which I love. There is 30ml of product inside and the shelf life is 12m.

I really like what this does to my skin, it really brings my skin to life and keeps it hydrated. I have really sensitive skin and this hasn’t reacted to my skin at all, which makes me happy. The consistency isn’t thick, in fact it is like a gel which I like. It blends into the skin really well and it doesn’t linger on your fingers. I can’t really describe the smell but if I had to I would say it smells like medicine but with a sweet smell.

Suitable for all skin types.

Made from the highest quality ingredients including collagen, royal jelly and essential oils.


I do really like how simple the packaging is, and it has everything on the outside that you need. It isn’t covered in lots of pieces of information all of that is left on the box, but the most important parts are on the bottle.


Again, I love the whole frosted glass look I think this is really cool. You can tell that proto-col have been really original and created packaging that I have never seen before. Inside this night cream you get 50ml and it has a shelf life of 12m. I have really sensitive skin and this has worked amazing for me. I have been using it every night for about 3 weeks and my skin hasn’t been dry (PERFECT FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR!!!) The liquid comes out more like a foam and then it blends as a normal moisturiser would. It isn’t thick and is the perfect consistency. It smells abit floral but also smells abit soapy. (if you havent noticed I’m not the best at explaining smells)

Suitable for all skin types.

Paraben free formulation.

Moisture rich ingredients including plant-derived collagen and hydrolysed silk protein.


With this nozzle you don’t have to twist the silver bit, you just push down the top and the liquid comes out of the little nozzle. I definitely prefer this to the other lid as you won’t lose product when the silver bit twists downwards.

If you are looking for a duo skin care then the serum and the night cream are definitely worth the money, especially during these colder months when you need to keep your face moisturised. If you are looking for a great colour corrector / a powder (that will sort out your uneven skin tones) then this is for you.

Have you heard of this brand before? 

Sophia xo 

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