The knitwear is out, It’s October!


It is getting to that time of year now where you want to wear big cosy jumpers, you are getting ready to get those scarves out and you want to feel all festive wearing anything knitted. That is why when Femme Luxe  wanted to work with me again, I was delighted. My first post in collaboration with them, “My obsession with Femme Luxe” I think, went down so well and I had so much fun taking pictures in the outfits.

They sent me a handful of knitwear items including dresses and jumpers and once again I was happy with the items. At the moment they have a £5 sale on a pretty good selection of items, some of their pieces I literally need in my life.


Brown Ribbed Knit Button Detail Maxi Dress –


IMG_3775_Facetune_30-09-2018-19-24-09 3

IMG_3780_Facetune_30-09-2018-19-29-08 3

This maxi dress is probably one of my favourite pieces from their knitwear collection that I received. It was such a lovely fit and the perfect maxi dress length. I always find that sometimes maxi dresses are either too long, or too short. This one was perfect and I like the little slit in the front, it just means that my legs can move a bit more freely when walking etc..The colour of the dress is perfect for this time of year, it gives me all of the autumnal vibes and i am here for it. The dress is ribbed which i think is really flattering but also adds more depth to the dress as a whole. I always try to find clothes that are ribbed but it is always a struggle. The buttons running down the front of the dress also add a bit more depth to it, they add more of a casual look to the dress. Buttons on clothes like this is so in style at the moment and has been for a while. You can wear this dress for any time of the year for any occasion really. You can add a denim jacket with it during the summer, or wear a coat with it throughout the more colder months.

Rose Bardot Knitted Mini Dress 


IMG_3789_Facetune_30-09-2018-19-32-11 3

IMG_3796 3

The style of this dress is very simple but unique and different to any dress I have ever owned.  I was interested to see how it would look on me and how i would style it. I would also probably wear this with a denim dress, but i probably wouldn’t really wear this in winter as there is quite alot of skin showing. I love the simplicity of the dress because you can get creative with what type of jewellery you wear. You could wear a really lovely neckless. The dress is really figure hugging, i would definately have to be having a good day to wear this. I love the little thrills on the dress around the cuffs on the sleeves and at the bottom of the dress. This just adds such a cutesy vibe to the dress and it is so cute and would be perfect for an evening meal with your family.

Black Ribbed Knit Button Detail Mini Dress


FullSizeRender 6

FullSizeRender 10.jpg

I am definitely missing out when it comes to black dresses as I literally do not own ANY type of black dress! So this is literally just what I needed. It is quite thick but also quite thin aswell, you may be able to see through it. Which is why I would pair this with an oversized jacket and would wear a black underwear just to be safe. The dress is a mini dress that explains the length. Although, it is very short therefore i don’t think i would ever wear this as a dress unless i took it on holiday and wore it as like a throw over or something. I would probably wear this with a skirt or some shorts that would look cute, maybe you could wear some knee high boots! The dress has a high back which i like because you expect your back to be showing, I like high backed dresses.

Burgundy Multicolour ZigZag Cropped Knit Jumper


IMG_3814_Facetune_30-09-2018-19-39-00 3

IMG_3822_Facetune_30-09-2018-19-40-23 3

IMG_3824 3

The pattern and colours on this crop jumper is different to anything I own. I love the combination of colours as they work really well together. The style is like chevrons running around the whole of the jumper and it is so cool. It is so autumnal and perfect for this time of year. The jumper is good quality and it feels so comfy to wear. The sleeves become wide as you go down the arm and i love this style on a cropped jumper, i already have many cropped jumpers with this style and i love them. As it is a cropped jumper i would wear this with something high waisted because it is very cropped. I love cropped jumpers because sometimes you want to be cosy and snug, but the crop just adds something different to it.

Nude Off Shoulder Knitted Jumper


IMG_3828_Facetune_30-09-2018-19-41-20 3

IMG_3842_Facetune_30-09-2018-19-41-52 3

This is also one of my favourite things that I received. Although it says nude i would definitely say that it is like a pastel baby pink and i don’t own alot of this colour. It is so super comfy and just such an easy to throw on jumper. It is so baggy and you feel so comfortable in it, you will want to wear it everyday! It is the sort of jumper that you can wear with anything and for anything because of the style. I love the whole off the shoulder vibe because you just look so confident and look as if you have your life together. I dont really normally like off of the shoulder items because i dont like my shoulders, but this jumper makes me very happy and makes me feel confident. This jumper isnt too thick, but is somewhere inbetween. You could easily wear a jacket on top of this in the winter and you wouldn’t be sweating.

What is your favourite item of clothing? ARE YOU HAPPY IT IS OCTOBER?!

Sophia xo

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My obsession with Femme Luxe


Discovering new fashion websites is one of my favourite things when it comes to fashion as a whole. I love that each fashion brand has their own styles and different price points. I get excited to see the fit of new clothes, the quality and how I style them.

Today’s post is in collaboration with Femme Luxe , as they very kindly sent me* some of their beautiful clothes. They are a UK brand that have multiple items of clothing on their website. All of the clothes on their website are very ‘instagramable’ and I have seen a lot of their clothes already online. At the moment they currently have an 85% off sale, AN 85% SALE!… crazy!

– White Vogue Printed Crop Top –




I love this little cropped tee, it is the sort of tee that you will see all of the bloggers wearing on Instagram. It is the perfect cropped length, not too high where it is just under your boobs, but not too low where it couldnt really be called a crop top. The fit was very good, actually perfect. It wasn’t too tight, but wasn’t too lose, so somewhere in-between which makes me happy. The top itself is quite thin, but I prefer this to a super tight top as I like a bit of stretch to it. I like that it is white, but I do believe that you can also get it in black. This top will go with a lot of clothing, so I think it will be very easy to wear on a day to day basis.

– Striped Floral Wide Leg Trousers –




I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE TROUSERS. I wore these to my friends BBQ the other week, I had so many compliments about these trousers. I am in love with the print, it is very out there but I love that they bring so much to an outfit. I have styled it with a plan black crop top, because I didn’t want to take away attention from the trousers. They are quite thin, but are strechy which I like. No one wants to wear these types of trousers and be feeling like they can’t move in them. These trousers also came with a belt, but i prefered to wear them without it They are quite long in length which meant that i had roll them up at the waist, but this obviously depends on how tall you are. I am in love with these,  I think they are such a unique style of trouser. I also love love love the wide legs, it just adds something different to the whole outfit.

– Colour Contrast Belted Jumpsuit – 



When I saw this outfit on their website, I knew that I needed it. The print is such a dream, it is very unique but so stunning to look at. I wanted to get this outfit because it is out of my comfort zone and I am so glad that I did, it is gorgeous. The fit across my whole body is perfect. It is stretchy across the stomach area, the length is perfect, a great fit around the shoulders. The only place it didn’t fit me that well was around the chest, it was a bit too big for my chest area. The quality of this piece was really thick and felt really luxurious. It also came with a belt which was a cute little touch. It is such a sophisticated outfit, I really love it. I felt so confident and gorgeous in it.

– Dusky Pink Crop Top and Trousers Co-Ord Set –



This is the type of outfit that I would normally wear if I was going out clubbing, or out for a couple of drinks. The co ord set came in a million different colours such as purple, black and even with a Leopard print which I thought was incredible as they literally have a couple / print for everyone. Pink is my favourite colour and I always feel comfortable wearing it so this was the colour that I choose it in. I love that you can wear it for an occasion, but you can also play it down to make it look more casual. The quality once again was stretchy and thin and it is the sort of colour where you will have to find the right type of underwear, so it doesn’t show through the bottoms. The length of the trousers were quite long and I had to roll it up at the waist, this didn’t really bother me at all. The top was a good fit, however, it was very much right under my arm pit. I think this would have looked gorgeous in the black also, so sophisticated.

– Black with White Stripe Off Shoulder Loungewear Set –

FullSizeRender 3


FullSizeRender 2

Cosy clothes are my thing. I feel so comfortable and at ease when I am wearing them. They remind me of winter and just being cosy with a nice cup of tea. This is such a cute loungewear set. They had three over colours of these sets online, I definitely was more drawn to this colour set. The quality of it is really lovely, it feels great quality. The length of the legs were perfect, they weren’t too long and weren’t too short. The jumper is the perfect cropped length, I liked to pull my trousers up a little higher so they were high waisted. This loungewear set is supposed to be off the shoulder, but the hole didn’t seem to be big enough to be off of the shoulder. This whole set is literally so comfortable and I know I will be living in this throughout the winter.

I would 100% recommend this brand to anyone. They have such stunning clothes on their website, I wanted everything. Their products were good quality and I know I will be buying some pieces from there.

Have you ever shopped on this site before? What is your favourite outfit from the post?

Sophia xo

If you would like to shop any on this site, then feel free to use my affiliate link – click here and help a girl out 

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Hey everyone,

In the UK we had a bit of a heatwave last week or so, and I think this outfit is perfect for that type of weather. I love wearing this type of outfit, because it is easy to put together but also, I add a jean jacket with it too just incase it gets cold. < PERFECT FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR!


‘GIRL GANG’ top – Boohoo

Trousers – Primark (primark is the hardest website to deal with ever, the best thing to do is look in the shops)

Jean Jacket – Primark

Shoes – Floozie from Debenhams

Backpack – Newlook 

1c475551-13b1-4245-a356-de7555c1130d 2

3ae218c2-a3e4-4cfe-a941-3c97fb875466 3

9ee7cad6-718f-47d6-876a-dffa41c6699c 2

5cd6d523-9118-4b5a-8817-abb6b3a82283 2

0829ddae-aba7-461f-8f44-f0021e5a6be0 2

This backpack is my ultimate favourite backpack that I own. I love it so much and it goes with a lot.

I would normally have worn boot heels with this outfit, but to be honest I couldnt find them anywhere! however, these shoes go perfectly well with it too.

11f1af3a-1f30-4bfa-8b48-f061b885e869 2

What is your favourite type of outfit to wear during this time of year?

Sophia xo

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Hey guys!!!

I am sure that you can tell that I am very excited! the other week Personalised Parties kindly sent me* one of their tote bags. So thank you so much for that! and in today’s post I am going to be reviewing it.




D E S I G N 

I absolutely love the design of this bag. I think it is so cute and very summery and will perfect for those sunny days. It is such a sturdy bag and it is really good quality. I think the strap is a good size as it is long enough to put over your shoulders but also you can just hold it or hook it over your arm. The size of the bag is good, it fits a lot of stuff inside which makes me happy. It also has a little pocket inside to pop your phone in or your hairbands, or something small just so you don’t lose them at the bottom of the bag. The print is on both sides, so on the back and front of the bag which is consistent < I like it.

They have some really good designs on the other bags on their website, which is good because they have a good variety. I love the lady bird one because it is very cute and I love that the majority of the bag is white, and I thought that It would probably go with most things. I love their tote bags for different occasions, they currently have a spring tote bag and it is the cutest bag ever. YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT THEIR BAGS! Click here to check it out!




The tote bags retail for £22.99 which I do think it a bit pricey, but if you think that you are getting a really well made bag of your choice, that is personalised and sent straight to you then it isn’t bad. If you are the sort of person that would rather spend a bit more money,for better quality, then this bag is great for that.




O R D E R I N G  T H E  B A G

Navigating around the website wasn’t hard at all, I found it quite enjoyable because they really allow you to personalise the bag yourself. Not only do you get to pick the style, put you can decide on anything you want on the bag, the font it is printed in and the colour of the font. You get to choose if you want the bit that is personalised on the front of back of the bag and I had mine of the front of the bag. The website was super easy and very quick to order. They are a personalised parties company that also supply party goodies such as themed party packs and books and gifts.

The worst thing is when you have a really difficult website and you just can’t be bothered with the hassle, so just click off and continue with your day.. this website was great!



W H A T  I  A M  U S I N G  T H E  B A G  F O R 

I am so excited for it to officially be summer. I am going to be using this bag for a multiple different things:

– I am going to be taking it to the beach with me, where I can take all of my little bits such as a purse, my camera, my sunnies and all that good stuff in it. Then I am going to take another bag with my towel and bikini etc..

– I am going to use this as a little gym bag, so I can put my big water bottle, my gym card, a little jacket, my headphones and protein in it. 🙂

– I am using it at the moment to keep my magazines in it. I have it hung up over my wardrobe handles because it is cute and I want the bag to be on show. IT ALSO HAS MY BLOG NAME ON IT! I FEEL SO SPECIAL!

– I am going to be using this as a general bag in the summer. I know that it isn’t too heavy and it is easy to wear. It isn’t a pain to carry around with me because I can put it over my shoulder and it’s all good.



I love this bag, I think it is such a handy bag to have and I know that I will be using it a lot in the summer.

What are your thoughts on the bag? If you have looked at their website, what bag do you like the look of?

Sophia xo

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1 t-shirt 4 looks


I am so excited for the post as I have collaborated with Sapna, who blogs about Beauty, fashion and lifestyle! Not only does she have a lovely blog Cashmere and Confetti and Instagram ccashmereblog but she also has her own Etsy shop, Luna Weekend and it is great! I kindly got this top sent to me* and I can HONESTLY say it is on my favourite tops up to date. These sort of tops are my favourite as you can style or wear them any way you want. All of the tops that she sells on her Etsy page are stereotypical “blogger/instagram” tops and if you go and check out her Etsy you will love atleast one of her tops.

The t-shirt itself is really comfy, I need to emphasise REALLLLLYY COMFY!! and from wearing it a lot since I received it I can report back that after washing it a couple of times, the colours haven’t run and it is safe to wash in the washing machine. My mum even pinched the top to wear out the other day, she was loving it!

I got the t-shirt in the size 10/12 as I wanted it to be a tiny bit baggy and I chose the style of top, as this is the sort of t-shirt I would wear on a day to day basis. I love t-shirts with any type of slogan or logo on them, right up my street. I also like to wear a lot of grey as it goes with anything and who doesn’t love monochrome colours??? This top is perfect for either throwing on if you are in a rush or tucking it into a skirt on the perfect sunny day.




This whole look is the sort of look I wear on a daily basis. I love a good pair of high waisted jeans, they are so easy to just throw on and tuck a top into them. You can wear this type of outfit for different occasions such as going to meet your friends for a catch up, spending the day out or going into uni. You could even add some heeled boots and make this outfit a bit more dressy. Especially if you are just going about your normal day or even going into uni for a long day, this top is perfect to tuck into these jeans as it is comfy and baggy (on me anyway)

Converse- JD

T-shirt- Cashmere and Confetti

Jeans- Primark

Belt- Primark




This outfit is more for when the sun is shinning. If you are spending the day at the beach then this outfit would be great! Or even if you are running some errands and need to throw on something comfy, then leggings and this top are your best bet. It’s cosy and causal and even perfect for chilling indoors. Jean jackets are life savers, they go with absolutely anything and they make such a good accessory. This outfit looks much more casual with these sliders, but you can change it up and wear different flats.

Jean jacket- H&M

Leggings- Primark

T-shirt- Cashmere and Confetti

Sliders- Sports direct



Look at me trying to look caught off guard, I am basically a model aren’t I??

DUNGAREES ARE MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITES!! I have literally been living in them for the last couple of months. This outfit is super quick and easy to put together and can be worn whenever. I would definitely wear this whole outfit if it was windy outside or not as sunny because the dungarees keep you just warm enough.  The top goes so well under the dungarees, especially when you have one strap undone. Also the top has short sleeves which is a bonus as I find is better to wear with dungarees, just so the dunagrees strap isnt directly on your skin.

Dungarees- Primark

T-shirt- Cashmere and Confetti

Shoes- Debenhams




This is definitely my favourite outfit out of the four. This outfit is perfect for a sunny day out with the family or friends. If the sun is out, why not get the legs out too? It is also such a cute outfit to wear for a special occasion, like if you are going to the zoo for a birthday or your going up to London for the day. (this is such a blogger look, especially if you are going into London)  These heeled boost are soooo comfy and make any outfit look abit more dressy. A denim skirt is also a winner, you can wear them casually or even wear them for a night out, as I have done multiple times. This one is high waisted and again super easy to tuck this top into it.

T-shirt- Cashmere and Confetti

Skirt- Primark

Heeled boots- Newlook

Bag- H&M


Thanks to my sister Holly for being my photographer for this post xo